Dwell’s Newest Issue Full of Designing Women!

Modern Decor

Of all the trends we noticed this last ICFF, our favorite was how many AMAZING women designers were totally rocking our faces off with genuine, authentic designs that breathed new life into the field. (Like Alice Tacheny and the ladies behind Egg Collective, to only name a few.) Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who noticed all the amazing chick-made design, because the July/August double issue of Dwell is going to be totally dedicated to the stunning work being created by women designers!

“Dwell’s July/August issue “Designers at Home” features a thoughtfully curated group of amazing design projects, that all happened to be designed by women. Dwell editor-in-chief, Amanda Dameron says, “Thankfully, more women than ever before populate today’s design world. We owe much of that to the founding generations of female architects, builders, and artisans that have contributed their ideas in years past, and this issue is a tribute to that lineage.” The features take a look back at some of the founding mothers of mid-century design through to the present, from Lina Bo Bardi and Ray Eames to Zaha Hadid and Patricia Urquiola. A comprehensive visual timeline offers an at-a-glance view of timeless modern designs and the innovative women who conceived them.” LOVE IT. Check out more Dwell on their website.

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