Don’t let a small space stop you.

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You might be tempted to stuff your small space with an equally small couch or slim set of chairs, but let us say this today, right now: don’t ignore a sectional if you’ve got a cozy space, for a lovely sectional might make a space even more cozier. As long as you’ve got a little bit of room for proper traffic flow in the space, don’t be afraid to let one large piece of furniture (like a sectional) dominate the room. It’ll bring a lot of drama into the space, and pull double duty by allowing you to not have to fill the rest of the room with so much stuff, potentially lending to a less cluttered feel.

What do you think about the idea of sectionals in small spaces? Have you pulled this off successfully? Or is this on your no-no list? 

Some 2Modern sectionals to get you excited about your small space:

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