DIY Potato-stamped Neon Napkin

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Ahh the delightful and sometimes lost art of potato stamping that was such a staple of a creative kid’s youth. Isn’t it amazing to find such a crafting ally in the kitchen? It’s incredible to know you can find a world of possibility in that cheap food of the potato. But it can be hard to imagine what to make a potato into a stamp of when there are just so many overwhelming ideas out there. We’re helping you out with this fun idea: a potato-stamped modern neon napkin.

Spotted on The Proper Pinwheel, delight in the simplicity of this project! Grab some potatoes, cut them as directed, pick your favorite color or two and stamp away! In a few short minutes you’ll be left with a wonderfully modern geometric napkin project just perfect for a fun and colorful outdoor dinner party with friends. Find all the directions on how to tackle this DIY project smoothly on The Proper Pinwheel.

Do you remember potato stamping as a kid? Would you do it again as an adult or with your kids? What do you think about this project?!

Images: The Proper Pinwheel
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