DIY: Keep Bugs Away from Outdoor Feasts!

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Love throwing outdoor gatherings with yummy food only to have it ruined by having to swat flies away from the dishes all day and night? We just love stumbling across DIY solutions, and this one is so simple with lots of potential for customization! Spotted on the blog House of Earnest, the blog’s founder Erin came up with a brilliant solution to flying bugs by looping a big, thick, knotted rope through a terracotta planter and turning it upside down over dishes!

Considering the available sizes of planters, you could mix and match sizes until you found the perfect complement for your dishes and dips that don’t have their own covers. And, because you could paint it with a bold color or bright pattern, this fun little DIY project could become a part of your table’s decor spread! Find information on how to make this great little solution on House of Earnest.

How do you keep bugs away from dishes on your outdoor table when you’re eating outdoors? Anyone do it in a clever or modern way?!

Images: House of Earnest
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