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DIY for the Weekend!

Categories: DIY + How To

Do you need to create some function in your home this weekend? Or perhaps some whimsy? We’ve got four projects: two sure to inject some whimsical wonder into your space and two that will be like helping hands in your home for the rest of time.  Which will you choose?! Will you go both ways? Or choose only one and go all the way? It’s all up to you. Your weekend’s DIY destiny is in your hands (literally).

5 Comments to "DIY for the Weekend!"

  1. Love the concrete planters! Such a great juxtaposition of something solid and hard with something whimsical and pretty. Wonderful idea.

  2. Ah, I love these all! ♥

    The cloud mobile is my absolute favorite. This would look absolute darling in my little one’s room. Why, oh why, can I not craft? Too cute though!

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