Dawn Arceneaux’s Warm, Rich Collages

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Some people tend to look a bit down on the art of collage, implying that perhaps it doesn’t take as much skill to create an art collage than say, a painting. And while that certainly might be true of some collage artists (as some painters) there’s something quite delightful about a collage artist that really gets it right. One such artist we’ve stumbled on (on Facebook) is Dawn Arceneaux.

Her work is surprisingly simple yet surprisingly full of a lot of depth. Her collage don’t feature layer upon layer of images — often each piece will only have a few elements, yet the compositions are diverse and sophisticated. The color palettes are maudlin and vintage-toned. Similar themes run through her pieces, especially in her newer collages this year. Overall we’d love to see a few these framed and in a modern abode. More on Dawn Arceneaux’s Facebook page.

What do you think about these collages?!

Images: Dawn Arceneaux’s Facebook page
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