Ben the Illustrator’s Perky/Peppy Fabrics!

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Ben the Illustrator believes that “good places make people feel good.” In that sense, he must also believe that happy colors, swimming shapes and a bold outlook on life must extend to the home, for he has recently incorporated his colorful, optimistic illustrations into the world of fabrics! A lover of nature, cities and surroundings in general, so it’s pretty natural that his artwork should have migrated into a medium that could then have a big impact on someone’s home surroundings.

An impressive client list that includes the BBC, Delta Airlines, Honda, ICFF, Pixar and many more, take advantage of this opportunity to bring some of his signature style into your home in a very soft way. These would make for fabulous curtains, pillows, chair cushions and more! More on Ben the Illustrator’s online portfolio.

How much do you love these designs?! Which one is your favorite? Or are these a bit too busy and bright for you home’s style?

 Images: Ben the Illustrator’s online portfolio
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