Frozen Flow™ by Doron Gazit

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photo: Frozen Flow

photo:  Frozen Flow

Frozen Flow™ , just the name alone sounds intriguing.  Is it an iceberg melting or volcano lava that is freezing?  Perhaps it is a bit of both.   Known for his body of work called “Sculpting the Wind,” where environmental artist and industrial designer Doron Gazit,  captures the motion of air for moments at a time in clear tubes, “visualizing the invisible”  he calls it.

photo: Doron Gazit

Frozen Flow™  is the natural evolution of expression for this artist.  Stopping a process in motion and revealing  the natural qualities of fluidity, the viewer is invited to meditate and reflect on the natural qualities of motion in nature such as wind, water or lava. At different times the pieces can appear full bodied as the marble drapery of an ancient statue, or thin as paper; weighty as stone or ethereal as smoke or mist.

photo: Frozen Flow

photo: Frozen Flow

These sculptures are meant to be functional as well as inspiring.  Each Frozen Flow is unique; hand-crafted by Gazit using a method he discovered that enables him to manipulate polymers while they are hot so they reflect motion in solid form.  Other worldly they are indeed intriguing especially when illuminated with a bulb or through sunlight.

Frozen Flow™ lights can be commissioned for specific locations.  Even though you may have seen Gazit’s work at large exhibitions even the Olympics these sculptures are accessible for your own lifestyle.

photo: Frozen Flow

Here are a few features.

  • Standing pieces range in height from four to eight feet high with an 8- or 12-inch base.
  • Table pieces are 3 feet high
  • Suspended pieces are 3 and 4 feet in length
  • Made of a mix of recycled resins that Gazit manipulates while hot
  •  Illuminated by LED lights, meant to last several years
  •  Easy access to bulbs
  •  Stainless steel support where applicable
  • Easily maintained with a damp cloth and soap


Have an infinitely modern day!

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