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Daily Archives: July 31, 2012

DIY: Fast, Stacked Wine Box Nightstand

Categories: DIY + How To
DIY: Fast, Stacked Wine Box Nightstand

Ready for a quick and easy nightstand DIY that won’t require sawing and nailing and screwing and basically any put-together-ness at all? Then this DIY project we spotted on Lark & Linen is right up your do-it-yourself alley. Snapping up a few discarded wooden wine boxes (they found theirs from — Continue reading

Ramona Flume’s View of Norway

Categories: Art + Graphics, Local + Travel
Ramona Flume's View of Norway

Self-professed writer and adventurer Ramona Flume is also quite the photographer, recently snapping some photographs of Norway so tantalizing that we’re looking up airline tickets right this moment. Capturing the fierce natural spirit of this beautiful country, she also does a stand-up job of snapping both traditional and modern architecture, — Continue reading

Birdseye Design Architecture’s Dwell-Ing

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
Birdseye Design Architecture's Dwell-Ing

Love the look of the exterior of this modern home located in New Haven, Connecticut. A simple color, it’s got a harshly angled roofline that really starkly contrasts with the lovely trees surrounding the home. An interesting architectural element is the orange metal structure that holds up part of the — Continue reading