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Daily Archives: July 26, 2012

Eskayel’s New Akimbo Line!

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Eskayel's New Akimbo Line!

Shanan Campanaro’s done it again! Her newest line for her boutique wallpaper and home accessories company, Eskayel, is the bold and beautiful, Akimbo! With a flirtateously pastel color palette, the patterns —as with all of her products, created by digitally playing with her own artwork — are decidedly tribal, with — Continue reading

Michael Merritt’s Out-of-this-World Pottery Pieces

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Michael Merritt's Out-of-this-World Pottery Pieces

Michael Merritt, an Austin-based artist, has recently created a line of pottery pieces that are absolutely bowling us over. Similar to his older pieces, these new vessels feature soft, curvy, bulbous shapes that beckon, that make you want to wrap your hands around them or perhaps give them a hug. — Continue reading

Mason McFee’s Three Dimensional Art

Categories: Art + Graphics
 Mason McFee's Three Dimensional Art

Mason McFee is an Austin-based artist and designer that lives with his girlfriend and his cats and makes a lot of 2D- and 3D- dimensional art. Less formal than really harsh, strict art, his pieces have a sketchy, fun quality to them. Almost like really, really good doodles. But doodles — Continue reading

The Practice of Everyday Design’s Eden House

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
The Practice of Everyday Design's Eden House

Love this rehabbed and refreshed home. When the clients approached the designers at The Practice of Everyday Design, they had owned the home for 30 years, but needed more room and a more usable space. Wanting to keep the place looking charming instead of creating a giant new addition, they worked — Continue reading