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Daily Archives: July 23, 2012

Melissa Steach’s “The Housing Project” Book-Signing Party to Benefit Charity, Make It Right

Categories: Local + Travel, News + Events + Contests
Melissa Steach's "The Housing Project" Book-Signing Party to Benefit Charity, Make It Right

You know we don’t post about events very often, so when we do believe that it is a very worthy-of-your-time event. If you’ll be in Los Angeles tomorrow, July 24th, we highly recommend attending a book signing launch party for HGTV star Melissa Steach’s “The Housing Project,” hosted by the SoHo — Continue reading

Lumadessa Minimal Canine Prints

Categories: Art + Graphics
Lumadessa Minimal Canine Prints

That pug one’s got my name on it, yo! Just love this new collection of prints of pups from Lumadessa, which you may remember from our posting of their geometric owl prints not too long ago. They’ve got the keen ability to abstract just the right elements of a pup’s — Continue reading

Dramatic Yet Airy Danish Home Inspiration

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Dramatic Yet Airy Danish Home Inspiration

Absolutely love the light-colored wood, simple and dark gray bed spread and stunningly bold and bright piece of art that takes up a large bit of visual space in the bedroom of this Danish home. Love the peek of that hidden outdoor oasis through the windows, too! The dark wood — Continue reading

Claire Sherman’s Subtle Abstract Landscapes

Categories: Art + Graphics
Claire Sherman's Subtle Abstract Landscapes

What would an alien landscape look to an outsider’s eyes? What would art of such geologic features look like to a strange world’s artists? We’re not sure, of course, because life on other planets has yet to be discovered, let alone landscape features, but while we don’t know exactly where — Continue reading