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Daily Archives: July 20, 2012

Fighting Stereotypes with Stereotype Apparel

Categories: Fashion + Trends
Fighting Stereotypes with Stereotype Apparel

Just love when a fashion brand attempts to reach past the surface and bring to the public’s conscious a larger, more important message. Stereotype Apparel says it best themselves: “After the February 26, 2012 death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, Adam Sweeney, like many Americans, discussed the incident with several of — Continue reading

Don’t let a small space stop you.

Categories: DIY + How To
Don't let a small space stop you.

You might be tempted to stuff your small space with an equally small couch or slim set of chairs, but let us say this today, right now: don’t ignore a sectional if you’ve got a cozy space, for a lovely sectional might make a space even more cozier. As long — Continue reading

Margo Sawyer’s Bold Geometric Installations

Categories: Art + Graphics
Margo Sawyer's Bold Geometric Installations

Like a more cheery opening to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Like a lively Rubik’s cube you could live in and walk around. Texas-based installation artist Margo Sawyer’s work is bold, bright, perky, and wondrous. Interested in translating the idea of sacred spaces using the vocabulary of modern times, she loves the — Continue reading