YORKWOOD – Born on the NYC Streets

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Yorkwood Co. has managed to establish a furniture line featuring wood strictly salvaged from the New York City community. Why seek out reclaimed wood from distant locations when the local businesses in New York City have excess pallet wood which is often hauled to dumps and wasted?

In order to sustain this furniture line Yorkwood Co. reaches out to businesses in the community, collects their excess pallet wood, and re-purposes it into Yorkwood. They are making furniture that not only improves the community it’s made in, but is also a direct reflection of the spirit of the community helping to salvage their material. Unlike other furniture that may have a positive influence on the space in which it resides, Yorkwood furniture also has a positive impact on the community it was created from. This is a crazy awesome idea! Check it out on the Yorkwood Company website.


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  1. Marisa

    Nov 30, 2012 at 3:36 am

    Great idea, as an alternative to the use of recycled wood. With beautiful results.

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