Vanessa Gade’s New FORME Line @ Dwell on Design


“DWELL on design is not just for cool contemporary home products! Check out this super modern and edgy new collection from San Francisco based metalsmith and designer Vanessa Gade, set for a public launch at this years Dwell on Design conference, June 22-24th!

The artist describes her work as contemporary, with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic reminiscent of Japanese and Scandinavian design. Particular pieces have been inspired by everything from art deco architecture, ikebana flower arrangements, suspension bridges and even criss crossing power lines. This latest collection FORME is a new direction from her previous work with precise, symmetrical circles and elongated rectangles. FORME carries through her architectural aesthetics of movement and balance, while these new lines have an even more dynamic feel.

From the artist herself: “INSPIRATION. I am naturally drawn to strong geometric shapes and this latest collection was based on a series of asymmetrical polyhedrons. I began to notice them in flagstone and slate pathways, shadows cast by the atrium on my latest visit to the SFMOMA, geometric herb gardens, and the overlapping power lines of the MUNI train in San Francisco. I resonate with the strong lines of these shapes and I am enjoying playing with the forms as a departure from my previous work with very precise and symmetrical circles and elongated rectangles. Similar aesthetics and elements of movement and balance are carried through, but the new lines and shapes have an even more edgy and dynamic feel. The French name for the new collection came as an influence and homage to my Belgian maman. I loved the strength and simplicity of the word and the various meanings – shape, silhouette, to make or mold- perfectly fit the various aspects of the collection.”

You can see the new line at the Dwell conference in the Modern Artists Pavillion booth #MA9 or visit her website and it will be available for purchase in July. More on her website.

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