The Bare Hair Project by Ola Giertz

Architecture & Interiors

Bare Hair is a project that has resulted in two poufs made from recycled PET bottles stuffed with human hair. On average, hair grows at a pace of 18 cm per year. Hence, the 9 million swedes grow about 1 620 000 meters of hair every year, much of which is thrown away and burnt. This is the basis of the Bare-Hair project, the idea of recycling materials to make new things, creating furniture from hair that would otherwise be discarded of.

Bare Hair was developed for Studio Västra Sandgatan, a swedish hair studio in Helsingborg, Sweden. Collecting hair waste, using it to fill poufs, made the custumers part of the process of making furniture. The project is essentially about finding possibilities and functionality in that which would otherwise be considered ugly. The transparent poufs, highlighting the originality of the stuffing, makes the product dynamic: its colour and shape can be changed depending on the stuffing, lending uniqueness to each pouf. There is hope in the idea that old things may have new uses, bringing new things to life, retaining the soul of what they are made of.

The Bare Hair Project will be exhibited at Nordiska muséet in Stockolm in October 2012. More work at www.olagiertz.se

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Photos by Carl Magnus Johansson
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