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Swedish Barn-like House for Sale

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

You bet it’s another home for sale in Sweden somewhere with sleek modern interiors that will make you furious that you probably can’t afford it. Though to be fair this one is only around 200k which isn’t really that bad considering how awesome this space is. Are you looking at those interior wood walls?

The outside seems to have a shou-sugi-ban finish, which we adore. Eco-friendly and dramatic.

What a small but powerful image! And set in such lovely natural surroundings.

Do you have $210,000 or so dollars? Then this place could be yours. From Fantastic Frank.

What do you think about the inside and outside of this wonderful home for sale? Would you buy it?!

Images: Fantastic Frank

2 Comments to "Swedish Barn-like House for Sale"

  1. Looks interesting, but im not sure Id buy it, its just a bit too simple for me.

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