Sauvie Island Tiny House (Of Our Dreams)

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If you’ve ever been on this blog before, you know how much we love a good tiny, modern cabin-like structure tucked away somewhere somewhat remote, still connected to the world through technology but just not surrounded by so many darn humans (this round-up of eight should be sufficient evidence). Well, Tiny House Listings just posted the perfect mash-up between tiny and liveable, modern and cabin-like and we are completely, fiercely in love.

This tiny home sits on five acres of land on Sauvie Island, which is fifteen minutes’ drive north of Portland, Oregon. Only 54o square feet, the two owners Jessica Helgerson and Yianni Doulis live here with their two kiddos, and are quite self-sufficient, growing food and raising bees and other goodies. Built in the 1940s, this structure has had many lives, but this awesome renovated home for four is definitely our favorite! More on Tiny House Listings.

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