More Swedish, Drool-Worthy Design (4 Sale)

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Okay before you get mad at us for posting more Swedish real estate that you couldn’t possibly afford, hear us out: this one really is decorated in a way that we think you could get a lot of inspiration from for you own home! Especially digging the fun hanging solutions for all the art.

Love love that dark wood backsplash instead of tile, and the black and white hanging pendant light as contrast.

All white! Everywhere. Makes for a darn fresh and clean-looking space.

Love the mix of old and new in the bedroom. That corner with the modern chair, animal throw rug and elaborately carved furniture piece is to die for.

Most awesome mirror frame of all time? Potentially. More here.

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  1. Carolina Furniture

    Jun 19, 2012 at 8:36 am

    I like the design but some of the stuff in the background bugs me a bit, like the stack of dvds lol.

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