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Modern Wine Storage Ideas

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Your wine sad? Or worse — the wrong temperature?! If you love a good vino and a nice modern place to store it, may we point you in the direction of Vin de Garde modern wine cellars? Not being as familiar with the grape juice as we should be, it was an eye opener to come across these sleek designs. While most of it seems a little traditional and a bit out of the reach for the average wine drinker, we sure love that sexy wine credenza piece that holds wine and accoutrements.

Don’t have quite the space for an entire modern wine cellar? Or don’t have that many bottles? You might enjoy some of the wine storage options 2Modern offers. Still sleek but considerably smaller sized, these affordable options will allow you to display your taste in labels quite modernly:

4 Comments to "Modern Wine Storage Ideas"

  1. love the credenza/sideboard piece.

  2. These look like fantastic storage places, i’m always looking out for new ideas for my wines.

  3. Inspiring work. Very clean.

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