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Do you love good design? Of course you do. You’re here, on the blog, being awesome about loving design. We want to give you a little more in-depth information about your favorite topic: design, and specifically about three products from a fabulous modern design company called Marset:

From its roots as a Barcelona-based family foundry to its evolution as an international design collective, Marset USA has been uniting innovative ideas and impeccable construction for more than 70 years. When Joan Gaspar became Marset’s creative director in 1996, he introduced the Manhattan collection, a sleek, stylish and sophisticated family featuring a rectangular shape counterbalanced by an arc of opal glass. Available in three sizes with vertical and horizontal mounting options, this ADA-compliant fixture merges matchless versatility with minimalist styling, presenting every décor in its most flattering light.

Statement lighting for spacious environments: the Soho collection is crafted from rotary-molded polyethylene with a methacrylate diffuser, playing with proportion and perspective while providing evenly distributed light on a scale ranging from table to tavern. Conceived by Gaspar in 2010, the Soho family revels in his fascination with functionality, fueled by a passion for industrial design. Soho infuses contemporary spaces with subtle character and a comfortable ambiance, offering meaningful simplicity that speaks volumes.

Ingenious: an illuminated tromp l’oeil! Pleat Box isn’t the pliable fabric it appears to be, but a sculptural pendant exuding soft ambiance. In keeping with Marset USA’s collaborative approach, Pleat Box combines the efforts of an innovative ceramicist, Xavier Mañosa of Barcelona, and technological artisans, Hande Akçayli and Murat Koçyigit of the Berlin-based design studio, Mashallah. Their digitally rendered “creased cloth” is cast in ceramic, highlighting the dichotomy between appearance and composition. The exterior is offered in white, underglazed red clay and grey; the interior is available in brilliant white enamel or glittering gold, each designed to change the way you see light.


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  1. Tracy P.

    Jun 12, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    Wow, what great designs. Love the one called the Manhattan wall sconce. It would really brighten up a room.

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