Justin Timberlake Launched a Home Decor Site

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Just sort of submitting this for the opinion of the masses. Looks like you answer some questions about your preferences, and HomeMint then makes some suggestions of products you might like. Looks like they will also have a collection of products, as well. A successful entrepreneur in a variety of business from denim to spirits, JT had this to say:

“HomeMint merges my love for interior design with my passion for innovation to create a personalized home collection — it’s like having your very own interior designer. A home should be inspiring and a reflection of you and HomeMint brings your individual style to your space.”

This feels weird, but maybe it will be cool? Together with designer/curator Estee Stanley, will this be the next big source of inspiration for the masses? What do you guys think? I’ll say this…it only took a minute to set up and I didn’t have to use my FB login, plastering a HomeMint app on my wall, and that’s a plus. Check it out for yourself here. Also, bonus, video:

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  1. JUURI

    Jun 27, 2012 at 8:59 am

    It seems a little random, like Justin is depending on all advice from Estee and he himself really doesn’t have that much input it in it. But on the other hand, all the before-fans of Justin Timberlake are now all old enough to be decorating their own homes, so it might be a good target audience!

  2. Sam Tanaka

    Jun 27, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    Why do I sense that he could care less about home decor and this idea came from a business manager saying “Hey Kid…you need a clothing line, a home decor line and a cologne, it’s big business and we can make a Mint!”

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