Jungblut’s Permanent Negative Stability

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It looks like magic and expresses both a tension and anticipation of an outcome.  Berlin born, Jonas Jungblut explores the idea that life and objects are in balance but can easily be thrown off course.    His sculptures  in beautiful  cararra marbles, granites, black marble all teetering on top of each other, which the artist calls permanent Negative Stability.  “Something in negative stability will accelerate its movement after a small disturbance. Here, think a needle balanced on its point, or a pyramid upside down, also on a point. Perfectly stable if nothing touches it but any disturbance, even a slight breeze, will throw it into full motion.”

Jungblut, inspired by the Beat Generation writers, relocated to California at the age of twenty. There he found himself faced with the struggle of finding a balance between his analytical and composed German side and the loose but competitive approach to life he encountered in California.  Thankfully these pieces are joined for stability  and will not falter even if life is a bit unbalanced.  And for a bit of whimsy throw in some color!


Have an infinitely modern day!

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