Joshua Dildine’s Powerful Painted Photographs

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Boy you could practically peel the emotions off of these paintings by Joshua Dildine and wear them around your neck. Heavy, moody, dark, dramatic, energetic — but wait, what’s that? These just aren’t powerful brush strokes on a blank canvas…these are expressions of mood with paint over photographs. In some of his pieces the background subject is a little more obvious, but in others the paint frenetically covers up more of whatever the image used to be.

Even in the ones you can see a lot of the original photo in, he has managed to tap in closely to the heart of each image so that you are seeing mere vestiges of the former spirit of the art, melded and mixed angrily and powerfully with his brush strokes to create a new piece of art so heady you might need to grab a seat if you’re gonna view any of these too long. We especially enjoy seeing the evolution of his work on his website. Shown in this post are his most recent works from 2012, but you can see that older works are much more tentative with the paint. It’s almost as if the very act of creating art like this has been freeing more and more emotion out of him as he works.

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