Heckler Design’s New Windfall POS System

Modern Decor

Does anyone else marvel at how amazing technology has progressed? Nowadays a small business doesn’t have to invest in a huge POS system (which stands for Point of Sale) to be able to take orders and make sales. All you need now is an iPad and one of those Square Register thingies and you are in business! But has anyone else experienced the sort of awkwardness in one of these transactions? The employee having to kind of hold the iPad weird and swipe your card and maybe accidentally drop the iPad or any other number of weird things that could happen? No longer with Heckler Design’s brilliant Windfall.

Slim, secure and smart, check out the Windfall and all that it does and see if it’s the sort of thing you could love and use for your business. It certainly looks sexy and sleek, doesn’t it?! More on Heckler Design’s website. Check out an interview we did with Dean Heckler of Heckler Design.

Images: Photograph by Jill Richards
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