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the milestones poster

All of your child’s exciting firsts should be showcased and celebrated and with the ever-growing trend of infographics, The Milestones Poster is the perfect way to do that. A 20×30” interactive infographic for you to record all of your child’s exciting development and display proudly on your wall. Consider it your baby’s first work of art. Bordered by growth rulers to track your baby’s height and weight are colorful graphics and charts for you to color, write in or apply fabric stickers to (which come included).


Ranging from place of birth, motor skills, hairstyles, first Halloween costume, first words and much more–all in one 20×30” artful print for visitors to marvel at. Included with the poster are one hundred fabric stickers for you to write your child’s name, document their hair at different stages of growth, record their food preferences, and more. For a limited time, you can be the first to own the poster and at a 40% discount via the product’s kickstarter page.

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