Extra Parking in Austin: Frank Public Art Mural

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There’s a pretty great restaurant in downtown Austin called Frank that is filled with all manner of delicious hot dogs, coffee, music, friends and more. On the side of Frank is a wall that the owners have wonderfully made into a public art wall that changes every month with a different artist, who has 48 hours to complete his/her/their work. There have been some truly beautiful creations so far full of color, pattern and style, but this most recent one might take the cake for clever and tongue-in-cheek.

Frank invited the talented folks of Public School, “a group of creative folk working on the east side of Austin. 2 photographers and 5 graphic designers doing our best to show you everyone’s best,” to make a mural. They decided to cleverly tackle the parking problem in Austin by generously offering some extra free parking in downtown Austin for the month. Problem is it might only be useful for the most nimble of drivers. At least it’s nice and funny for the rest of us who obey the laws of gravity to look at. More photos on the Public School blog. And check out Frank’s archive of all their art walls for some cool murals.

Let’s get creative! How could you use these parking spaces? Suction cup wheels? Weightless moped? 

Images: Public School blog
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  1. Jeroen

    Jun 15, 2012 at 10:11 am

    Carsharing… and driverless cars

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