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DIY Geometric Painted Roller Curtain

Categories: DIY + How To

Ahh! Love. Just spotted this cute idea to revamp a cheap roller curtain (like say this ENJE one we spotted at IKEA?) which could make for a VERY afforable way to spice up a window without spending a zillion dollars, and in a really modern, playful way. In fact, just being honest here, but this is exactly what we’ve been looking for, for our bedroom. A simple modern white shade could be customized with ANYTHING. Any design. And color. Any pattern. Something simple and  geometric that anyone could stencil and do, or something really ornate and personal if you’re an artist or are skilled with a brush.

The website Bambula is in Finnish, we have to apologize, and Google translator isn’t being brilliant this time around, but it sounds like they just used acrylic paint and made sure they used books to weigh it down while it dried. And boom! Quite a graphic pop and a surprise for anyone looking to pull down the shades at your house! More on Bambula.

What do you think about this idea for a window roller shade DIY project? Would you make one?! What kind of pattern/design would you use?!

Images: Bambula

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