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DIY Cloud Mobile

Categories: DIY + How To

Before you don’t click on this because you think it’s a kid thing or something, consider who really needs the cheering up in your household. Don’t most kids seem to be bursting with the joy of life like, 24/7? It’s usually us grumpy grown-ups plodding through each day just trying to crack a smile. Well with this DIY project you won’t need to try, you’ll just naturally smile when you see it. Plump, plush, and customizable with your own choice of fabric or hanging element, you could make several of these cuties — and change them out depending on your mood or the mood you’d like. More on Petit Poulou and warning: the site is in French.

4 Comments to "DIY Cloud Mobile"

  1. I love this! but the website is french! is there any english tutorial?

  2. I just tried Google Translate, and that helps. You can download a PDF document with the instructions, which you will also have to translate.

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