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Blomus is here! Blomus is here!! As a modern design lover, you’re probably familiar with German company Blomus, known for their clever metal accessories that range from wall hooks to kitchen supplies to accessories for the home and more. Blomus designers are just so darn good at finding design problems and then coming up with smart and space-saving solutions!

And may we just say? We find Blomus items to be so darn affordable! And because they are so simple and modern most Blomus items look good in just about any style home whatsoever. We love that a company was able to underscore the functionality of products and do so while making them look gorgeous. Find Blomus on 2Modern.

“Design from Blomus means clear lines, distinctive charm, superb functionality. Design from blomus simply exudes character. No wonder. Because there are strong personalities behind the company: the blomus team includes no fewer than thirteen inspired product designers. Each of whom has his or her own signature style while still incorporating all the virtues that you have come to expect from Blomus.” — the Blomus website

We asked Ralf Ohlig, an export manager for Blomus, five questions to let us delve a little deeper into this great new brand at 2Modern:

2Modern: What do you for for Blomus?
Ralf Ohlig: I joined blomus in November 2000 after working for a different company which was active in a similar environment. I have always enjoyed being active in different countries and get to know different cultures, be it in sales or non business related things. During my years being an apprentice in the early nineties I have seen that being in exports would suit me well. I am an export manager for blomus.

2M: What’s exciting you in the design world right now?
RO: It is exciting to see developments and new trends in the markets. Certainly we aim to be setting new trends and it is a great feeling to see positive customer’s reactions to new products being introduced.

2M: How would you describe your style? Your company’s style?
RO: Our company is a family owned business in its 4th generation. The style, while being professional, is still friendly and awarding and taking care of the employees. There is a social factor which you often don’t find in large corporations. I would judge my style being in line to that.

2M: Favorite thing about your job?
RO: Dealing with different people all over the world and getting an insight in their ways of doing business and their cultures is rather enjoyable. Also exploring new markets and finding the right partners is a great part of the job.

2M: Anything new and exciting that you want to share with the 2modern readers/listeners?
RO: Blomus will launch exciting new products this spring which have already been introduced in some European Countries. We will show them first time to US audiences at the New York Gift show and the Chicago Housewares show in March. The biggest international release will be at the Ambiente show in Frankfurt/Germany in February.

What are you waiting for?! Explore Blomus today. 

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