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It’s hard to not fall even more in love with a company’s products when you hear them talk about how passionate they are about what they do. Speaking with Alex Marshall and Andrew Barry, who are the couple behind Alex Marshall Studios‘ earthy, thick, colorful, rich, handmade bowls, vases, plates and more, made us fall in love even more.

Alex led a creative life as a child, surrounded by a grandmother’s love of art and ceramics. When it came to attend school, in her own words, she took a tour of colleges, and from very early on would phase out classes that she didn’t think were important (keeping the art ones).  Taking a detour in conceptual art, installation art and props for productions, she rediscovered in grad school that she felt a distance  from art when she wasn’t making handmade objects. Living in San Francisco and working retail, when friends began asking her to make dinnerware for them, she took a chance to start a collection and start showing it to stores. So she’s talented and gutsy. The kind of characteristics we look for in our favorite ceramists.

It was about four years later she met the man that would bring her business to the next level, Andrew Barry, and the two of them now live in a tiny town outside of Chico, California with their beautiful young daughter on a stunning spot of earth that includes a house, a big studio and gorgeous views.  A little separated from the fast-paced world and focused totally on their work.

We sat down (digitally) with Alex Marshall and Andrew Barry of Alex Marshall Studios to discuss their backgrounds, how they became a team, what’s the inspiration behind their products’ aesthetics and what they have planned for the future:

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  1. juliemarg

    Jun 22, 2012 at 11:01 am

    This is so nice! Wow!

  2. Beth L

    Jul 2, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    You didn’t tell me she was a Jersey girl!! Nobody else could say Takashimaya with as much swagger. Lovely story + lovely ceramics. Got inspired ’bout how things could be. b

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