Awesome Outdoor DIY Hanging Baskets

DIY + How To

Just melting over this outdoor hanging pot DIY project we spotted on the brilliance that is A Beautiful Mess, helmed by the talented Elsie Larson. Using some baskets, some bright rope and her smart mind, she came up with a really awesome project that would add plenty of awesomeness to your outdoor area. Not exactly the most modern-looking project we’ve ever seen, there’s a bit of control you can have over that by what baskets you choose to use.

We love this project because outdoor areas rarely ever have a lot of great height in them, and rarely do they have art on the wall. This project quickly accomplishes both. Not too difficult at all, find more photos and all the instructions on A Beautiful Mess.

Would you make this project for your outdoor space? How would you customize it?

Images: Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess
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