Autoctona’s Geometric, Modern Jewelry

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We’ve been just stumbling on really cool jewelry lately, and always want to share it with our readers when we feel it’s particularly architectural in nature. We don’t mean like architecture-themed, just something with a lot of structure and concept to it. We found what we thought was some jewelry design-lovers would enjoy with Autoctona. And you’ll learn a new Italian word today:

“Autoctona means native, an Italian word referring to origin, identity and a sense of belonging in the most primitive form. we create forward thinking objects whilst preserving and fostering the use of premium craftsmanship and materials. The primary inspirations are amulets, ritual objects and love tokens with their associated symbolism. each piece has been designed, prototyped and singularly hand cast. we source and create everything locally.” More photos of their work on the Autoctona website.

What do you think about this jewelry?!

Images: Autoctona website
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