Architects Collective’s Spaceship-like L-House

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We never really pass up on a chance to post about a home that has a distinct, spaceship-like feel. Why? Because we love the future and we love spaceships, duh. This home in Burgenland, Austria by the Architects Collective definitely has a futuristic feel with lots of angles, but it also has a lot of fun interactions with the surrounding nature and a lot of thoughtful design elements that makes it feel very warm and inviting.

“The new home for a young family is located on the outskirts of a small settlement in the South of Austria’s Burgenland region and is harmoniously placed into the hilly landscape. The traditional and typical L-shaped floor plan of the region was developed further in an imaginative and thoughtful way advancing modern home, energy and living concepts.”

Love the way this interior space interacts with the exterior outdoor space. “The client wished for a contemporary living experience that is blended into the surrounding landscape. The result is a surprising habitat that reflects the way the family lives incorporating design quality, sustainability and functionality in everyday life.”

What do you think about this home? Does it feel like a spaceship house to you?

Images: Architizer 
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  1. Daj

    Sep 1, 2012 at 3:47 pm

    The simplicity of this house is what I admire. Love everything about modern homes.

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