Amanda Valdez’s Modern Abstract Art

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We spotted Amanda Valdez’s work on Pinterest (yep, we’re on there!) earlier this week, but haven’t been able to forget it. We just had to post more. Mixing powerful, fierce color-blocked, organic shapes with neutral backgrounds and sometimes even embroidery thread, she creates really effective and strong compositions. These are the sort of paintings where you would only need one in a room — it would dominate and dominate wonderfully. And though they seem flat and 2D, we really dug the influences that she claims her work has:

“I think about what the body feels: extreme pleasure and pain. There is pain in the pleasure of having intimate physical contact with another. These brief moments are always book ended with being alone, connections are brief and the rip from them or their dissolution is sobering and sad. This often ignites a full relocation of reality, because reality is shifting on us constantly, causing our bodies to respond to our emotional life.” More on Amanda Valdez’s online portfolio.

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  1. Amanda Valdez

    Jun 2, 2012 at 10:28 am

    Big Thank You for the interest!
    I keep a super up to date tumblr on what happens in my studio. http://www.andtherewillbetrouble.tumblr.com
    In case you need more!

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