“Abandoned” Photography by Paul Batt

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Paul Batt’s art appeals to us on a number of levels. Some people who are collectors can’t pass by an item of the kind they collect. We feel the same way about furniture. Everything — even the most far gone things — seem to have potential. It’s a painful experience to have to pass up an item that’s clearly too wet/gross to be saved.

Paul Batt has documented the sad, sad song of many of these abandoned pieces of furniture. So sad, that you can only mourn the happy times that must have happened on these pieces of furniture, for surely there are no happy times in their future.

Not only the subject matter, the photographs themselves are visually interesting, with bold colors, formal compositions and clean, modern frames that would work in a modern home. More on Paul Batt’s website.

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  1. Matt Dawson

    Jun 19, 2012 at 10:37 am

    Love the Mondrian-style windows and Baughman sofa.

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