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2Modern Needs Your Help!

Categories: News + Events + Contests

We know it’s last minute, and this is crazy, but will you cast a vote for 2Modern, and help us win a $250,000 grant maybe?!

You’ve no doubt seen these Mission: Small Business requests floating around Facebook lately. It’s an amazing opportunity to support small businesses everywhere (which, for those not aware, 2Modern is quite a cozy operation!). All we need is 250 votes by Saturday and we get entered for a chance to win. 12 businesses will be chosen — in a life-changing way — and we’d love to be one of those 12!

Here’s how easy it is to help:

1. Go to: www.missionsmallbusiness.com

2. Click ‘Log in & Support’ (log in with your Facebook; We promise they don’t spam you or your friends!)

3. Enter 2MODERN (no city or state)

And click…VOTE!!!

Remember, we need 250 votes by Saturday, so please forward to friends through facebook, twitter or email. And thank you for reading!

5 Comments to "2Modern Needs Your Help!"

  1. Please help us win!

  2. My vote has been cast! Good luck!


  3. Just voted for you.

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