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Daily Archives: June 28, 2012

2Modern Needs Your Help!

Categories: News + Events + Contests
2Modern Needs Your Help!

We know it’s last minute, and this is crazy, but will you cast a vote for 2Modern, and help us win a $250,000 grant maybe?!

Brian Chilton’s Rustic Modern Furniture

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Brian Chilton's Rustic Modern Furniture

“Rustic” is the kind of word that is similar to “whimsy;” you don’t always want to use it because it can have rather negative overtones, but sometimes it just really applies. In fact the post we got these photos and information from, Tool & Tack, totally described Brian Chilton’s work — Continue reading

Origami Birds by Mostaza Diseño Amarillo

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Origami Birds by Mostaza Diseño Amarillo

Origami Birds are friendly creatures designed by Mostaza Diseño Amarillo (which translates into Mustard Yellow Design), a design studio committed to reframe the aesthetics of the everyday objects around us.  Their polyurethane birds can be used to decorate a wall or window, guard your fridge or guide your guests along — Continue reading

Jungblut’s Permanent Negative Stability

Categories: Art + Graphics, Modern Decor + Objects
Jungblut's Permanent Negative Stability

    It looks like magic and expresses both a tension and anticipation of an outcome.  Berlin born, Jonas Jungblut explores the idea that life and objects are in balance but can easily be thrown off course.    His sculptures  in beautiful  cararra marbles, granites, black marble all teetering on top — Continue reading

DIY: Easy-to-Make Heart Bookmark

Categories: DIY + How To
DIY: Easy-to-Make Heart Bookmark

For as many books I have and read, it’s pretty dismal how little official bookmarks I have. Actually, I have none. Right now, in my books holding the place are: bobby pins, quarters and torn strips from an old credit card statement. I could use this bookmark. Could you use — Continue reading

Joseba Eskubi’s Dramatic, Abstract Structures

Categories: Art + Graphics
Joseba Eskubi's Dramatic, Abstract Structures

We’re not sure what kind of future Joseba Eskubi’s dramatic, abstract oil paintings are predicting, but they do seem to depict structures. Perhaps lonely homes in a sad, fated, post-apocalyptic land. The Spain-based artist really creates earthy, scary, almost-creepy atmospheres that surround these frenetic structures. The colors are rich, arresting. They — Continue reading