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Daily Archives: June 22, 2012

New @ 2Modern: Lightecture!

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, News + Events + Contests
New @ 2Modern: Lightecture!

Looking for bold modern lighting that has a soft, sensuous, almost-feminine appeal to it? Something with the hard-edged look of geometry but made out of materials that convey a level of softness? The sort of light fixtures that you might want to hug because they look so nice? New at — Continue reading

THOUGHTBARN’s a Chromatic Confluence

Categories: Art + Graphics
THOUGHTBARN's a Chromatic Confluence

Wanna see what 25000′ feet of colored macrame cord arranged in a modern, geometric and walk-through-able way looks like? Thank goodness for Austin-based THOUGHTBARN  (you might remember them from Calabria Road Project and faceted mini golf project), an architecture, installation and furniture design firm that continually creates unusual and wonderful — Continue reading

designSTUDIO’s lightBOX Delicious Details

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
designSTUDIO's lightBOX Delicious Details

Okay we’ve posted about designSTUDIO’s work before. Maybe a lot before. Mark Meyer is an Austin-based architect with a proclivity for affordable materials, odd capitalization usage, shipping containers, clever details and a focus on creating really smart, usable spaces. He’s done a ton of stuff we’ve loved in the past, — Continue reading