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Daily Archives: June 13, 2012

Geometric Jewelry: Fathom and Form

Categories: Fashion + Trends
Geometric Jewelry: Fathom and Form

Really digging the geometric shapes and sharp angles of San Francisco-based jewelry studio Fathom and Form. For boys and girls and everything in between, we like the hints of tribal patterns and the sort of futuristic feel to their pieces. New pieces debuted this year in May, and we expect — Continue reading

Richard Watson’s Classic/Modern Highboy

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Richard Watson's Classic/Modern Highboy

Love when we spot traditional and modern battling it out subtly in a piece, like in Richard Watson’s Highboy. Debuted at this most recent ICFF, they have even more designs coming soon later this year, but their Highboy is intriguing, high-quality and sleek. “Inspired by an 18th century classic, our — Continue reading

Make or Buy: Fabric Confetti Streamers

Categories: DIY + How To, Modern Decor + Objects
Make or Buy: Fabric Confetti Streamers

One of your rooms need some excitement or charm? Though it might not seem like the most modern idea — since most modern lovers go for streamlined, uncluttered spaces — but we just love the idea of adding a punch of surprise and color and delight with some recycled fabric — Continue reading

Architects Collective’s Spaceship-like L-House

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
Architects Collective's Spaceship-like L-House

We never really pass up on a chance to post about a home that has a distinct, spaceship-like feel. Why? Because we love the future and we love spaceships, duh. This home in Burgenland, Austria by the Architects Collective definitely has a futuristic feel with lots of angles, but it also — Continue reading

The Brick House- Dining Room

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Modern Decor + Objects
The Brick House- Dining Room

We love Morgan’s dining room!  She has done a fantastic job of creating an organically modern space that feels comfortable, lived in and yet iconic.  If you follow her blog, The Brick House, you know that it took some time for her to decide on the perfect dining room light.  — Continue reading

David Benjamin Sherry’s Astral Desert

Categories: Art + Graphics
David Benjamin Sherry's Astral Desert

David Benjamin Sherry’s Astral Desert is a boldly colored examination of the textures and patterns of the desert and the hardened, crusty landscapes wherein. Known for crazy-colored, simple compositions, this new series premiered in 2012 is perfect for modern homes and would be a punch of abstract shape and color — Continue reading