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Daily Archives: June 7, 2012

Dramatic & Airy: Doug Kennedy’s Modern Art

Categories: Art + Graphics
Dramatic & Airy: Doug Kennedy's Modern Art

Looking at that top image of one of Doug Kennedy’s paintings, it almost feels like a dream…like you might be lying in a field somewhere, taking a nap, and when you awoke gone would be the blue sky with white clouds and replaced would be a swirling world of amorphous — Continue reading

Lake Hawea Courtyard House

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
Lake Hawea Courtyard House

What a view! The Lake Hawea Courtyard House in Lake Hawea, New Zealand by Glamuzina Paterson Architects certainly has beautiful views in spades. Surrounded by amazing natural landscapes, it can be tough to build in that sort of environment. Do you create architecture that perfectly blends in with the nature around — Continue reading

Drooling Over Details: RAD’s Barbara Stools

Categories: Local + Travel, Modern Decor + Objects
Drooling Over Details: RAD's Barbara Stools

RAD, headed up by furniture designer Ryan Anderson and based in Austin, has been producing lots of simple, modern furniture designs that are plain fun for a couple of years. And though the Barbara Stool’s been around for awhile, we’re just continuously impressed with all the different ways in which — Continue reading