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Daily Archives: June 5, 2012

Epi-Phyte Lab’s Hsu House

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
Epi-Phyte Lab's Hsu House

At 2200 square feet, The Hsu House in Danby, New York by Epi-Phyte Lab, is awesome not just because it looks like a wonderful stripey modern structure, but because it was designed using passive solar principles. The result being a fairly inexpensive and energy efficient home for the young family that — Continue reading

DIY: Splatter Platter!

Categories: DIY + How To
DIY: Splatter Platter!

Even despite the delightful rhyming between the words “splatter” and “platter,” you’ve got to admit how great of a DIY project this would be for a party or even just for dinner. With the 1980s and its style in full force as a trend in homes these days, this makes — Continue reading

Beach Modern Ideas!

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, News + Events + Contests
Beach Modern Ideas!

Got any beach plans to beat the heat this summer? Or stuck in your home for the next few months? Whatever your situation, your home itself can channel the awesomeness that is beach chic with a wide variety of beach- and sea-themed items for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom—wherever! Blomus Orchos — Continue reading

Gaëlle Gabillet Stéphane Villard’s Objet Curiosite

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Gaëlle Gabillet Stéphane Villard's Objet Curiosite

If only you could grab a piece of mars or an asteroid and bring it into your home. What secrets would it hold!? What secrets would it tell?! We feel like Gaëlle Gabillet Stéphane Villard’s Objet Curiosite come close to the illusion of something like that. Part piece of furniture, part — Continue reading