Zoë Mowat’s Warm Forms & Furniture

Modern Decor

We sound like a broken record sometimes, but truly: we’re amazed that anyone can come up with a new design with traditional furniture shapes anymore! It always seems like everything’s been done before and then you come across something like Zoë Mowat’s work and you realize you’ve just been delighted and surprised again.

Lots of curved, gentle edges exist in this great designer’s work. Color-blocked pops of bold hues mix with strong wood grains. Pattern, subtle as it is, becomes a part of each piece but not in a way that is distracting from the form.

Accessories and details are given as much as attention as the overall composition of a piece. Everything’s just so darn…good looking.

More on Montreal, Quebec-based Zoë Mowat’s website.

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Images: Zoë Mowat’s website
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