Weekday Carnival’s DIY Geometric Lampshade

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We just couldn’t love that blog Weekday Carnival one iota more. They just posted an absolutely wonderfully simple yet complex DIY project that is absolutely igniting our creativity and wishing we had some hollow metallic tubes to bend right this instant. Taken from website:

“I have dreamed about those different geometric and metallic lampshades that have been very popular now, so I decided to try if I could do one without welding. I went to a hardware store and bought four thin and hollow metallic tube. Then I thread through a twine those tubes and made ​​many folds to it. Finally I tied the end of the twine so that “gadget” would stay together and placed it over the light bulb. I used Nud’s Lamp Base.” All the photos and more information on Weekday Carnival.

You gonna make this lampshade in the next hour or what?!

Photo credit: Riikka Kant Rapids
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