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Vestal’s Sea Green Destroyer

Categories: Fashion + Trends

Vestal’s philosophy targets watches for the musically inspired individuals.  But with names such as Crusader and Destroyer it seems more like something movie and Terminator inspired.   However, not to diminish their inspiration, it seems bigger is better these days with hip creative types whatever genre of creative you are.

This Vestal DESP022 Sea Green Destroyer one was “pinned” on Pinterest  by a fellow lover of aesthetics and I was intrigued.  While 45mm at its widest, the name The Destroyer,  is in contrast to the glass like look of this watch it would seem that you might be in danger of destroying your watch or slitting your wrist for that matter.  But clever as Vestal is, this glossy green version is transparent injection molded plastic.  It makes you look twice at this statement piece and less costly is always a timeless benefit.    It is available in metal, just in case you need to steel yourself.


Have an infinitely modern day!


One Comment to "Vestal’s Sea Green Destroyer"

  1. The metal injection process can make some amazing pieces. I would like this in the metal version rather than plastic.

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