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Type Matters! by Jim Williams

Categories: News + Events + Contests

This book might not have as many juicy color photos as the other books we’ve been giving away this week, but anyone who’s a type lover will really dig this book. “Type Matters!”  by Jim Williams and published by Merrell Publishers is a jolly little soft-cover book that looks almost more like a notebook than a book you might read.

Filled with lots of knowledge, you’ll learn about the background of type design, how headlines and display types are set, about text setting and a lot of nitty gritty details about things like hanging punctuation and ligatures and diphthongs and other things typeface lovers and grammar nerds will enjoy.

“Once upon a time, only typesetters needed to know about kerning, leading, ligatures and hanging punctuation. Today, however, most of us work on computers, with access to hundreds of fonts, and we’d all like our letters, reports and other documents to look as good – and be as readable – as possible. But what does all the confusing terminology about ink traps, letter spacing and visual centring mean, and what are the rules for good typography? Type Matters! is a book of tips for everyday use, for all users of typography, from students and professionals to anyone who does any layout design on a computer.” Read more about “Type Matters!” and purchase it from Merrell Publishers.

Comment on THIS post for a chance to win this awesome book about wallpaper. We’ll choose the winners at random and announce next week! (And don’t forget to leave away to contact you, like an email address, when you comment!)

24 Comments to "Type Matters! by Jim Williams"

  1. Really like this book on typography–good info.

  2. This book is right up my alley, thanks for featuring it!

  3. Very interesting topic!

  4. What a nice looking little book, informative too I’ll bet. I’d love to get a closer look, please enter my name for the chance to win a copy.

  5. Nothing close to a professionnal, but I love typography!

  6. I love typefaces. Must come with being a bibliophile!

  7. A great book for designers. Thanks :)

  8. The book cover is very eye catchy indeed. It’s hard not to judge the book by it’s cover ^_^

  9. “It’s a typeface, not a font.” I still don’t know the difference. For some odd reason I like the word typeface better. Type setting is an artform as old as writing style. You can set types in places where there are no option to set typefaces. Such as in this comment — just to get exxtra credit. I’d love to have this book. Please let me know if I don’t get it, so I can buy it.

  10. You made me smile. I love type. I even keep old type catalogues. I collect penmanship books, and believe that they are all the same thing! Perhaps I need therapy, but I would rather have this book. :)

  11. <3 Typography. Can't tell why, but still my favorite topic to read and learn more about. ;)

  12. It`s already half a year since i am really into typography, this could be such an awesome gift to me, a big help in my beginnings!

  13. everyone should know about kerning!

  14. typography, this would be gorgeous to peruse

  15. Great topic!! Thanks for the feature and the chance to win!

  16. Type joy!

  17. Looks like a helpful read!

  18. Looks like an interesting read!

  19. What an essential addition to my library.

  20. Great idea. Type is the thing. And this book is very useful tool to my pupils.

  21. Very cool and interesting coffee table book. Kind of quirky, like me!

  22. Great. Interesting read. Loved it.

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