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The Wallpaper Book by Geneviève Brunet

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Anyone who’s ever looked at a design blog or Pinterest knows that wallpaper — patterned, bold, colorful, subtle, relaxing — is back in a big way, and probably will be around for years to come. “The Wallpaper Book” by Geneviève Brunet published this year by the fabulous Thames & Hudson will make any wallpaper lover melt with envy (yet also inspire and motivate!).

Everyone knows how popular wallpaper has become again in interiors, but what of its history? What of its future? The Wallpaper Book aims to inform as well as inspire with its over 300 illustrations and color photos that trace wallpaper’s start with handcrafted papiers peints during the 18th century all the way through the industrious Arts and Crafts movement through modernism and that colorful bold Mid-Century time of Pop Art and more.

It’s not all about the past, though. Brunet talks about contemporary wallpaper designs and artists…the looks that are shaping interiors currently. It talks about the new ways in which current designers are reinterpreting this traditional art, and how homeowners are using wallpaper in ways never thought of or dreamed of before.

Practically, you’ll find some lists of where to go to get wallpaper by country and also learn about the wallpaper collections that exist around the world. You’ll also pick up a ton of inspiration for your own home if you’ve been itching to add some color and pattern in a way that paint just can’t do! Find more information and purchase this book at Thames & Hudson.

Comment on THIS post for a chance to win this awesome book about wallpaper. We’ll choose the winners at random and announce next week! (And don’t forget to leave away to contact you, like an email address, when you comment!)

And may we also shamelessly promote the fact that 2Modern has a pretty kickin’ modern wallpaper selection from names like Graham & Brown, Aimee Wilder, Flavor Paper, Eskayel and more. 

39 Comments to "The Wallpaper Book by Geneviève Brunet"

  1. Pick me! I love it.

  2. I need this book in my life

  3. I would love this book, I have a wall paper obsession!

  4. Yes please! I need this for my new coffee table! ;)

  5. Beautiful! Need it for my coffee table!

  6. I would LOVE to use this books to spark backdrop inspirations in my photography!!

  7. Highly inspirational and visually interesting volume! The photos are beautiful. A must have for a graphic print lover like me!

  8. as not just an appreciator and aspirer but a wallpaper haver (3 kinds of wallpaper in my home), i would love a copy of this book to not just pretty up my coffee table but to coerce my faint-hearted friends to install some in their homes :)

  9. Design books! I love and collect these whenever I can. It is so great to browse through them!

  10. I would love this book!

  11. Everyone needs a little wallpaper in their life! As an interior designer & wallpaper hanger, I present wallpaper options to all my clients; many don’t realize how different wallpaper is now from their memories of Grandma’s house :)

  12. I want to be inspired
    With every single page
    In book i will admire
    The one that`s well arranged

  13. I would love to put this on the coffee table I plan to buy from 2Modern :)

  14. This book looks lovely! Although it’s emphasis is on wallpaper, from the glimpses you’ve given us from the pages within it appears as if it lends to great design inspiration in general :)

  15. I am obsessed with wall coverings! I love and need this book!

  16. Ooooh! It’s nice that fun and well-designed wallpaper has come back to life. Please send me hat book! Thank you!

  17. Wallpaper has a reputation to overcome but therecare such beautiful patterns and textures now!

  18. Love this! So much inspiration!

  19. This post is very timely for me since I’ve been considering papering my teeny tiny jewelbox of a bathroom. Lots of inspiration here! valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com

  20. The Wallpaper Book would be a great addition to my studios’ library, especially with the current trending toward a stronger popularity of the use of papers. I specialize in hospitality, designing with a sense of place, and as a very visual designer my design ‘jump off point’ is typically from inspiration sparked by a fabric, wallpaper or texture that embraces the general concept. I love how classic wallpaper with a twist embellish a space keeping it fresh and modern with a touch of a classic feel.

  21. Coffee Table book! Love Love Love!

  22. Looks like an interesting read.

  23. Very nice book

  24. This looks great. I will be sure to pick up a copy. Thanks.

  25. I’m so glad wallpaper is making a comeback! An under appreciated design element for so many years. This book would be a great addition to my library as well as give me inspiration for my own home.

  26. I could really use this for my book collection!

  27. Looking forward to flipping through this one for inspiration.

  28. As an Interior Designer, I am currently obsessed with wallpaper…would love to own this beautiful book!

  29. I’m sure there are a lot of inspiring ideas in this one!

  30. very nice book.

  31. perfect inspiration for my new apartment.

  32. Thats lovely, and I’ve wanted to work with wallpaper for non wall projects for a long time!

  33. were the winners announced?

  34. only twitter entries were winners?

    • Not at all! That’s just where I announced the winners! (I didn’t want to use a FB post to announce…sorry!). After emailing all the winners and hearing back from them, I announced on Twitter! I can go update the individual posts with the winner info right now!

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