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Tarrytown House by Webber + Studio

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Bright, fresh and airy. That’s all we’re really looking for in a modern space (well, except when we’re looking for something cozy and dark…or something else…we like a lot of stuff, okay?!) and the Tarrytown House remodel by Austin-based Webber + Studio delivers like a mofo.

We’re fainting over those gorgeous retro-modern windows over that stunning wood plank tub in the bathroom. Imagine getting to look out over some carefully manicured organic wildlife while you soak in a nice warm bath.

Love the mix of bright punches of color and modern accessories and furniture that mix with the lofty orangey-yellow wood tones of the architecture and built-in cabinets. We don’t normally love that color of wood tone but here it works and is so optimistic.

Interesting choice using a darker wood outside, but overall creates a more fun contrast with all the greenery. Can we live here? Ooof. More on Webber + Studio’s website.

Images: Casey Dunn and Paul Bardagjy via Webber + Studio Facebook page

2 Comments to "Tarrytown House by Webber + Studio"

  1. I love this house. It solves several problems. Sometimes client come to us and they want a natural look, but don’t want to go rustic. Others are looking to go modern, but don’t want to be too cold. Touches like the darker wood flooring are a great way to cozy up more contemporary furniture. Love this.

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