Row Studio’s Rainbow Wax Revolution Polanco

Architecture & Interiors

I’d consider getting waxed for this! Located in the upscale neighborhood of Polanco, Mexico City, this is the second branch of Wax Revolution, a new epilation chain based in Mexico. As you can see, this space is bold, angled, colorful and not what you usually think of when you imagine the interiors of these kinds of businesses.

From Row Studio’s website: “The first challenge was to give notoriety to an otherwise invisible space, for this we proposed a faceted structure made from a sequence of black steel frames descending from the street to the salon in a similar fashion to a subway entrance thus making the site evident to the enormous traffic of people strolling and driving by. The brand sign is fixed from the uppermost frame with its two lateral faces tilted to a 45° angle to allow maximum visibility of the logo to the passersby.” Lots more photos and information can be found on Row Studio’s website.

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