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2Modern is so happy to announce the addition of awesome lighting company Varaluz to our line up of modern and contemporary light fixtures! Not only does Varaluz offer a wide variety of light fixtures that seem to both give respect to traditional designs and also look forward to the future, they believe quite strongly in creating products that are nice to this earth — you’d never know it by looking at the design or price of these fixtures, but many of Varaluz’s offerings feature recycled materials.

We got the chance to speak with the owner and top designer at Varaluz, Ron Henderson, about is background and how he got into the lighting field, how this relatively new company (five years old) has been able to weather a tough economy so beautifully and what sort of lighting designs we can look forward from Varaluz in the near future. Please visit Varaluz at 2Modern to see all of their stunning products!

What do you think about these new light fixtures at 2Modern?! Gorgeous or drop-dead gorgeous?

Top image of Ron by Noel Photo Studio.
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