Ridiculously Easy DIY Detail: Painted Legs!

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You ready for it? You ready for the simplest, kind of silly, incredibly adorable detail to add to your home to make your place different than anyone else’s? To make it stand out in the quirkiest of ways? Really ready? Okay: Paint your furniture legs! Eep! If you’re graphically talented, go for a geometric pattern. Or perhaps use a stencil to create a design.

Or heck, even just some neon spray paint would be terribly interesting. Kind of related to the trend of dipping your furniture legs that we all went wild for last year, there’s something a little more intentional and purposeful about this DIY detail. Spotted on Morning by Foley.

What do you think about painting your furniture legs with a pattern? A cool idea and something you want to try? Or too silly for you?

Images: Morning by Foley
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